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Here at CyseLink, we offer a variety of high-quality linguistic services. Whether multilingual project management, translation, post-editing, or revision, our dynamic team of professionals from France and around the world will find the perfect words for your project. And to top it off, CyseLink is the only carbon neutral translation network in the world.

When you choose to work with CyseLink, you’re choosing simplicity, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

~ Services ~


Translation / Transcreation


Translation isn't just about translating words from one language to another: it’s about transcribing the spirit of the original document as much as possible. An effective translation is perfectly understood by the speakers of the target language without any distortion of the original meaning. Fluid and idiomatic, the finished document should never seem like a translation. We also offer transcreation services, which give free reign to the creativity of our translators to produce texts with very high added value. With CyseLink and our vast network of expert linguists in different fields, your translation projects will always be in good hands.





The world is changing, and so is the field of translation. With the advent of artificial intelligence (AI), post-editing has become a major player in the industry. To save time and money, source files are pre-processed by a specific AI that provides an initial draft translation. Our linguists then rework the text by correcting machine-generated imperfections to meet human quality standards. A hybrid solution between translation and revision, post-editing is a real time saver for urgent projects that do not require substantial creative input.



Project management


Don’t have time to find a translator? Just send us your document, the target language, and your deadline, and CyseLink will take care of the rest! We will select the best suited professionals from our network (languages, areas of expertise, etc.) and manage the entire process for you. We guarantee prompt responsiveness and abide strictly to your deadlines. You can stay updated on the progress of your project, but won’t have to worry about all the different parts of the process: translation supervision, revision, quality control of the final document, etc. CyseLink is the essential manager for all your translation projects. Don’t hesitate!





Specialists in their native language, the professionals in the CyseLink network can provide a fresh look at your text. They can correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes as well as ensure correct formatting (spacing, emphasising capital letters, etc.). Regardless of the type of document - articles, websites, press releases, theses, announcements, novels – you can trust us to ensure they are properly presented.


~ Eco-friendly Translation ~

CyseLink has always made environmental protection a priority. As proof of this commitment, in 2020 we became the first carbon neutral translation company in the world.

Our yearly efforts include supporting UN-certified green projects, investing in renewable energies, and donating 1% of our profits to environmental conservation organisations.

At CyseLink, every detail is important:

  • We switched to a 100% renewable electricity supplier in 2018.
  • We drastically reduced our footprint by almost exclusively using digital files.
  • We generate less than 500g of waste per year.
  • We make all the translators in our network aware of our environmental approach.

Here at CyseLink, we think protecting the Earth is just as important as providing high-quality work.


~ About ~








Human Resources





CyseLink’s history began in 2010 through a passion for French and foreign languages. Over the years, the team has grown into a vast network of translators. All our linguists are independent contractors that choose their own projects, schedules, and prices. This guarantees that whoever is working on your project is working under the best conditions to ensure a high-quality result.


At CyseLink, we promote a healthy work-life balance by adapting to our linguists’ availability, schedules, and expectations. We respect our entire network, as well as our clients, by always listening to everyone’s needs. Cultivating straightforward and professional relationships is our top priority.


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CyseLink (Pays de la Loire)
33 Cour de la Caserne
85500 Les Herbiers – FRANCE

CyseLink (Nouvelle-Aquitaine)
Maison Chopin 4 – Laval
19240 Allassac – FRANCE

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